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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Steph Gennaro a pen name?

Yes, it is. I decided to better delineate my business by starting a pen name for the cozy mysteries instead of keeping everything under my other author name. This way readers will always know what they'll get when they buy a Steph Gennaro book. They'll get cozy mysteries in Japan!

I read these books under the name S. J. Pajonas. Has anything changed in the stories?

Nothing has changed of the actual stories. The only things different are the covers and the author names on the stories. That's it.

Do I need to re-purchase these books if I'm halfway through the series?

No, you do not need to re-purchase these books if you are making your way through the series. Nothing about them has changed except the author name.

Why can't I find paperbacks of these books anymore?

In 2020, I made a pledge to be a 100% digital author. Paperbacks are bad for the environment, and with the COVID-19 crisis, the supply chain was disrupted enough for that fact to be brought to light. I vowed to become a 100% digital author for many reasons including the environment, convenience, and financial overhead. If you are a paperback reader, I highly recommend switching to a tablet, computer, or e-reader.

Can I get your books from my library?

Yes, you can! All of my books are available as ebooks to librarians for purchase for their libraries. Your librarian can find my books via Overdrive. You will need to speak to your librarian and ask them to purchase the ebook.

Will you be writing more cozy mysteries?

As of August 2021, I have decided not to write more cozy mysteries. The Miso Cozy Mysteries series will be the only series under the Steph Gennaro name. I hope you enjoy them!

Steph Gennaro