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Looking to get in touch with me?

  1. I am not a reviewer. I do not review books on Goodreads or Amazon. All books read and reviewed on my website are my own personal selections. Please do not contact me to read or review your book. All of these requests will go straight to the trash.
  2. Do not send me ideas for my books or ideas you want someone to write or ideas you think would be cool for my characters. Due to the litigious nature of our society, I do not read these or acknowledge them in any way. They also go straight into the trash.
  3. Do not approach me because you want to write content for my blog, you want to put sponsored posts on my blog, or you want me to link to your blog post/blog/website/resource. These requests will go straight into the trash.
  4. If I do not respond to your email, it means that I’m not interested in your proposal. Don't “reach out to me one more time” hoping I'll cave to your SEO optimization or sponsored post proposal. Please know that I do respond to all emails unless I’m not interested or it has been removed to the trash.
Steph Gennaro